Inflation, Greenwashing, Market Dynamics, Urban Rural Divide

...and other dumb stuff

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How Can Inflation Coexist with Deflation?

The inflation vs deflation debate isn’t so simple. Two major trends are influencing the global economy. These trends will likely exist for the rest of our lives.

Government Supporting Fossil Fuel Offenders Over Green Economy

Are government climate action commitments hiding a deeper, conflicting problem?

Chart: Urban-Rural Divide

The urban-rural divide has long existed in many forms. Put aside blame and ethics, and you’re left with a rural population passed over for generations.

Not All Stocks Rise When Markets are Up

Beneath the surface exists a wide range of individual stock performances that might cause you to change your investing strategy.

How Canadians’ Incomes and Wealth Changed During the Pandemic

Coming out of the pandemic governments are in a much worse fiscal position. However, the same isn’t true for most individuals.

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